Ellen Fisch

 Ellen Fisch has exhibited her fine art architectural photography, Novoimago, extensively in the United States. Exhibitions also include solo and group shows in the NY Mercantile Exchange; Museum of American Finance; African American Museum of Art; numerous libraries and galleries in NYC, and many other locations.

In addition to exhibitions, she has been published in several publications including Swide, Dolce & Gabbana’s online magazine, Articles, and photography in Black Star Rising; Conde Nast Traveler UK; Destinations; and The Art of Everyday Joe. She has been Spokesperson at PhotoPlus in NYC for Tiffen/Dfx professional software and is on the board of Governors for the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen, NYC. Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts in NYC and the State Park System of NH has displayed her work on their cards, brochures, and advertising materials.

Finally, Fisch has been named one of the 101 Super Hot Artists by Michael Corbin who publishes the blog, Art Book Guy. Recently Ellen has published two books Abstract Photography Folio I: Whites and Abstract Photography Folio II: Blues.

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